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Urban Education Leaders Program
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Funding Your UELP Education

While we believe the Urban Education Leaders Program is highly cost-effective because it does not require individuals to leave their jobs and therefore they can maintain their source of income; and we have very high placement rates into full-time administrative positions.  However, we recognize the significance of financial aid in helping prospective students make this important decision. The Urban Education Leaders Program works with admitted students in two ways:

1.  Scholarship Points
Last year, Teachers College awarded over $7 million of its own funds in scholarship and stipend aid and $2 million in endowed funds to new and continuing students.  Most scholarship awards are made on the basis of academic merit.  The UELP program has funds dedicated to tuition support.  Note that all scholarship awards must be used in the year awarded and may not be transferred to a future academic year.

Several different kinds of scholarships are available, including general scholarships, endowed scholarships, minority student scholarships, and international student scholarships.  Program faculty will nominate new students for scholarships based upon their application information.  If you are interested in being considered for scholarships, fellowships, or work study opportunities, you should be sure to make this clear to the program coordinator.  You should also be sure to submit required information and documentation to the Office of Financial Aid.  In addition to the FAFSA, all students must complete a TC Financial Aid & Scholarship Application to be considered for aid and scholarships. 

2.  Financial Aid
The mission of the Office of Financial Aid at Teachers College is to help remove financial barriers to assist students in meeting the cost of attendance at the institution by filling the gap that exists between the cost of attendance and funds available from your family, savings and other resources.  The Office of Financial Aid provides counseling and assistance in completing the financial aid application, evaluation and determination of need.  The vast majority of our loans are either in the form of Stafford Loans (including the Direct Loan Program in which TC has been a participant since its inception), Graduate Plus Loans, and Federal Perkins Loans.  Our current knowledge of the loan market indicates these sources of financial support are not at risk. For more information regarding Financial Aid, call 212-678-3714 or visit the Office of Financial Aid website at:

The Education Leadership Program has limited funds available to award to continuing students.  Application procedures for continuing students are announced in the fall term; applications for financial aid are submitted in the spring term and awards are made for the following academic year.